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Making our pets and animals lives the best that they can be.

British Columbia has one of the highest pet and animal populations in Canada and no one to speak for their guardians.

The BC SPGA was recently formed to represent BC's animal and pet guardians and bring together our community as one Voice.

Our aim is to support and advocate for animal guardians and welcome new ideas, suggestions and initiatives.

  • Programs and assistance for guardians with animals and pets
  • Savings on products and services for guardians with animals
  • Being the Voice and advocating for BC guardians
  • Providing recognition to outstanding animal guardians
  • Working to make changes for better and fairer laws
  • Providing useful community resources and information
  • Providing a guide with animal rescues
  • Bringing like-minded animal guardians together for socials and activities

95% of animal guardians in Canada think of their pets as family. Pets contribute so much to our lives and those of our children. With higher costs of living and low pet vacancies in BC it's increasingly more difficult to keep a pet.

British Columbians with pets and animals deserve a Voice so we can make our animals lives the best that they can be.

Building a better future for animal guardians

BC SPGA is the Voice for guardians and their animal and pet families. We advocate for better access to services and we work with all partners to arrive at good solutions. We listen to our membership who are the driving force for change and better lives for the animals that we hold so dear.

Our Mission

Making our pets and animals lives the best that they can be.

Our Voice

To be the Voice for animal guardians in British Columbia.

Animal Guardians

55% of British Columbians own a pet or animal and 95% of the animal guardians in Canada consider their pets family.

We Care

Animals need us to care for them and your support with a donation contributes to our Guardian and Pets In Hardship program.

Help us to make the lives of animals better

95% of animal guardians in Canada view their pets as family yet one in four Canadians are unable to cover an unexpected expense of $500. With the unprecedented, soaring costs in BC of bare necessities such as food and pet-friendly accommodation, the need has arisen for animal guardians, who are facing the rising costs of maintaining and feeding a pet to have a Voice in order to provide better lives for their animals and pets.

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Changes BC Guardians want to see

Access For Animals

Better access for animals in tenancies and public places.

BC SPCA Reform

Protection for guardians and their pets with public oversight of the BC SPCA animal cruelty investigations.

Resources For Guardians

Resources and services available in our community for animals and their guardians.


Socials and activities that bring animals and their guardians together.

Legislative changes

BC SPGA is the Voice for legislative changes for animals and their guardians.

Hardship Program

Developing a program that assists guardians and their pets in hardship situations.

BC SPGA relies on public donations and our membership

The BC SPGA is BC public driven in that the society relies on donations from the public and our memberships to maintain, develop and increase our programs and services for British Columbia's guardians and their animals and pets.


Your donation will help animal guardians and their pets who may be in distress or hardship situations.


Your membership make our programs and services possible and provides access for our members. There is something for everyone!




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